2011 – Year of the Golden Rabbit

February 18, 2011

Recently,  this is one of the interesting things I have read about the new year…

On February 3 we will enjoy the beginning of the Year of the Golden Rabbit.  Expect peaceful resolution to situations … people will be more likely to talk things out and discuss issues rather than act out aggressively.  Some of us may feel a little tired after the year of the Tiger because of its fast-paced, frenetic energy.  If you felt like you battled last year, this year you will catch your breath, calm your nerves, enjoy harmony, peace, and the capacity and time to enjoy your surroundings … enjoy the comfort of home, the beauty of the garden, the night sky.  Some say that wishes come true during the year of the Rabbit.  Make plans to enjoy the full moons this year; gaze at the moon and refill your Qi.

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