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February 18, 2011

Goodness! It has been a whole year since Dan & I relocated Golden State of Health from Taraval Street to our home at 2164 – 17th AVE. Time sure does fly when you are busy. It was a huge effort retooling the home to have the same feel as the Taraval place but I believe after many months of hard work it was a successful effort. Thank you all for being patient with me through the rough and awkward process.

Overall, I have to say the sweat and hard work has paid off in dividends. I love the paint colors in the rooms. I now have all my things in one place ready for action at a moments notice. My creative spirit has been soaring since the transition and happiness has followed.

Changes and improvements continue to happen… after much thought and consideration the new website has finally come to fruition. Thank you Jason Van Horn for the final push over the edge of completion. This has been an endeavourer of unusual proportions for me. Finding a way to represent the Golden State of Health, that I offer to my clients on the web is easier said then done. However, patience has paid off and my vision of an updateable and informational website has come to be.

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Alison Bowens April 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

Hi Nicole!
The website looks fantastic! I am doing exteremely well. For the first time in years, I barely have any pain, thanks to you and the Dr. Scott. I am referring another friend to you, her name is Diane Lim. I hope Abby went to see you. Nonetheless, I’ll get there one day very soon.
Many blessings!


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