Universal Love Meditation

March 4, 2011

Somewhere in myself I can feel love that is not dependant on others.  I can allow myself to open the door and feel love, as I want.  The more I feel love the more I radiate love. The more I receive love back the more I feel love.

Through this I allow myself to love myself.

Because I radiate love, I fill my house with love.  Everything that blocks that energy, I remove and purify.  Through this I feel at home and allow myself to love myself.

I am aware of my qualities, pitfalls and impossibilities.  I only do what I believe in and nothing under the influence of others.  Otherwise I block my love energy.  I take care of myself, so I develop myself, I support myself.

Through this I allow myself to love myself.

I listen to my body and where I feel tension I fill this place with love.  I let go of everything that blocks my love energy.  I take good care of myself, dress myself in clothes I feel good and pretty in.

I eat healthy so I stay healthy, through this I allow myself to love myself.

I only draw people towards myself who are a mirror of myself.  I am open to learn who I am, and I’m aware that everything happens for development through trail.  Ultimately everything bends to love, what is love, stays love.

Through this I allow myself to love myself.

Every emotion other than love is a signal to undertake steps.  So this energy can flow freely again.  I’m aware that my love allows others to feel love.  So this can work like a chain all over the world.

I am part of the Universe… I love myself.

Author unknown.


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Pina March 7, 2011 at 11:22 am

I love this article, it is so true…
I also love Nicole’s work. I have always wanted to go to a practicioner who intergrates different healing skills and have found that in Nicole Masters work.

Thank You Nicole


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